Steel buildings Toronto – ideal for commercial industries

Prestige Steel Buildings Toronto is a well known erector and building designer for the Toronto area.  Our steel buildings can meet numerous different requirements that the City of Toronto requires for building in different areas.  Most importantly we offer a site plan and permit service program which can make the process a whole lot less painful.  Steel buildings are economical and can be delivered and erected quickly.  This is the probable reason why one can spot many steel buildings in Toronto. Metal buildings don’t have to just look like a basic box.  There is many design options that are aesthetically pleasing.  This includes parapet walls and brick or stone around the lower perimeter of the structure.  Feel free to drive by Hogan Chevrolet at 5000 Sheppard Ave East and see who putting stucco siding on the building gives it a whole new look.

Steel buildings in Toronto are favorable as they are very strong and thus long lasting. The durability of different roofing systems such as the hidden fastener standing seam roof really help in making your building last a long time.  Prestige steel buildings offers insulation systems that far exceed the requirements for the city of Toronto.  It is a misconception that steel buildings only have basic insulation systems and are not economical to heat.  Upgrade your building to the energy saver system and be amazed by the savings in heating costs.  Depending on the complexity of the building Prestige can have it delivered three weeks after final approval of the drawings by the customer.  A small steel building can be up and ready to go within a week of being delivered.  Please call me with any questions and I will gladly do a site visit to see what we can do to help you with your next steel building in Toronto .

Jason Gullett