Concrete Slabs Barrie - Foundations

concrete slabs BarriePrestige Steel Buildings are built strong to last long. To ensure this, proper planning and construction procedure is followed. Foundation is the basis layer of the structure and its importance is crucial as it is the supporting layer for any building structure. Foundations are used as per purpose and requirement of structure. Foundations are designed to have a sufficient load capacity as it supports structure. To construct the ground floor of a building Concrete Slabs are used. There are different types of concrete slabs that are supported on foundations for constructing ground floor. Prefabricated concrete slabs are ready to be lowered into steel or concrete beams as these are built in a factory and transported to the site. Slabs used as foundation for sheds, car garages, cottages and more are floating slabs. A floating slab is a type of concrete slab which does not have frost footing. These slabs are with deepened and reinforced perimeter. As the name suggests, such slabs float on the soil. This being said, foundation slabs are very economical. We offer a range of prefabricated concrete slabs and floating slab. Our company offers different foundations that support building structure keeping in mind different purposes of buildings that meet your requirements.

Prefabricated slabs are offered for all types of buildings and for accessory buildings like garages, drive sheds, barns, cottages, and house additions. We offer engineered slab as per your requirement. To make the process as straightforward and leisurely as possible for our customers we simply need little details such as required dimensions, purpose of use of slab and the type of slab edge. We provide quality drawings to meet your requirement of engineered slab.